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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mr. Kiosk?
Mr. Kiosk is an online delivery service that brings you products from local kiosks straight to your door.  It is operated by “N. G. Mr Kiosk Ltd”.

What areas do Mr. Kiosk deliver to?
Currently, Mr Kiosk delivers to the greater area of Limassol. From Ipsonas to Agias Tychonas. Delivery times vary on kiosk item availability and traffic that may occur. Should there be an increase of online orders that too would affect the turnaround time of the delivery.


How does Mr. Kiosk maintain health standards during the current Covid-19 virus situation?
At Mr. Kiosk we take the measures we should. 

Should you wish to have your delivery without any human interaction, we also provide online payments and offer contactless deliveries. These deliveries can be requested at the end of the ordering process.

Why do certain locations have limited products?
Every kiosk that collaborates with the Mr Kiosk delivery network have their own stock of goods. These goods vary from location to location. Sometimes, due to shortages in one kiosk, Mr. Kiosk may fulfill your order from another kiosk in the same area. If Mr. Kiosk sees that there is a continuing demand for an item that is not provided by a specific kiosk in a specific area, then Mr Kiosk will relay the information to the relevant kiosk or collaborate with another.

What is the delivery area for each Kiosk?
Each kiosk is given a specific area in which they have exclusivity from others in the same area. This is to coordinate an effective workflow as well as a streamlined logistic system. However, should a kiosk not have an item from a specific kiosk, Mr. Kiosk shall fulfill that order from another Kiosk. Each delivery area of collaborating kiosks can be found on the “info” tab of the ordering process.

“I have a Kiosk / Supermarket / Bakery / Pharmacy and I would like Mr. Kiosk deliver for me, how does this happen?”
Great! Send us a message on our Facebook page stating your business type and your location and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there a phone number where I can reach Mr Kiosk?
The Mr Kiosk phone number for general questions and feedback is : 70004099. All orders are done online and not via phone. Start shopping and order online now!

The Happy Kiosk Driver Logo
Looking out for Mr Kiosk on the road? Always look for the Happy Mr Kiosk man logo. You will know that is the official Mr Kiosk company.